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Waterless Beauty: A Step in the Right Direction

Waterless Beauty: A Step in the Right Direction

Going waterfree with your skincare is only beneficial. Not just to your skin, but it reduces water waste and chemical contamination. The waterless, natural skin care formulated by ViLAU contains high concentrations of active ingredients designed to penetrate more deeply and more rapidly.

Waterless Beauty by ViLAU

Waterless Beauty by ViLAU – a step in the right direction

Water-based beauty

Water is the primary ingredient in most cosmetics produced globally. In fact, many cosmetics contain anywhere from 60% to 95% water, depending on the formula.

When your first ingredient appears as Aqua or Water, it’s safe to assume that a majority of that product is water. We know this because the FDA mandates that the ingredients be listed on the package in order from highest concentration to the lowest. 


Now why are most of these products made with so much water?

Water is a cheap filler ingredient, but requires the addition of artificial chemicals and preservatives to keep bacterial growth at bay. “Water can be a great thing, but it increases the risk of contamination as bacteria need water to flourish,” says Robb Akridge, Ph.D., CEO, founder of REA Innovations and co-founder Clarisonic. Artificial chemicals and preservatives are notorious for being carcinogenic and causing a variety of internal distresses like immunotoxicity and endocrine disruption. Water-based skincare is primarily designed for oily and younger skin, since it’s very drying. Of course, not all water based skincare is bad, having lower quantities of water in your product can be beneficial to your skin, but it dilutes the effectiveness of the other ingredients. (read more)


A major drawback of using water in your skincare is simply the molecule size. A water molecule is too large to travel through on its own, which means less product gets absorbed into your skin, and just evaporates at the surface. 


For example, ViLAU Waterless Serums are entirely waterless. This means that there is no addition of fresh water to the formulations. This allows the serums to be loaded with concentrated active components found in every single ingredient. 

Components like enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, folic acid, and many more to count. 

The molecular formula of the serums is especially designed to penetrate very deeply and nourish your skin from the hypodermis, outward. Therefore tackling your skin issues from the base, rather than superficially. 


So, if you’re looking for potent, sustainable, and clean skincare, you’ve found it! ViLAU Waterless Serums are some of the highest quality skincare to date, but try it for yourself to see!

By April 2022, ViLAU will have every formulation be waterless. 

What a waste!

Have you ever considered how much water you use everyday? We’re not just talking about how much water you drink, or how much you use brushing your teeth, or how often you flush. The things that you don’t think about, like how many gallons did it take to produce your one single pair of jeans, or how much water is in every unit of skincare on your vanity, or how much fresh water it took to grow the mass produced grain fields, that your cereal came from.


Water is used for just about everything. Most of what surrounds you at this precise moment requires water in its lifecycle process. Arguably, water is required at least three times: in sourcing, manufacturing, and the disposal (recycling requires a lot of water too, you know!). Not to mention, removing water from the picture requires reduced packaging, and a whole lot less waste.


Fresh water is a limited resource, as it only covers 3% of the planet, but we can only access 1% of that water. It’s crazy considering that roughly 70% of this entire planet is covered in water, just not the kind of water that we need. 


Globally, we are facing a serious water scarcity issue, where ¼ of the world lives in economic water scarcity – countries lack the basic infrastructure to extract potable water for its people. Add to that, ⅕ of the world lives in physical water scarcity. Water is a tremendously precious resource.

Aloe Vera replaces water in ViLAU products


Join us in being a part of the solution! When you make the switch to waterfree skincare, it is only beneficial for your skin, but also for the planet, since it reduces water waste and chemical contamination. The waterless, natural skin care formulated by ViLAU contains high concentrations of active ingredients designed to penetrate more deeply and more rapidly. Go waterless!

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