The Proof is in the formula

The Proof

Allow Nature to Nurture You, While You Nurture Nature

The Proof is in the FORMULA

Eurofins Lab logoOur ViLAU products have undergone extensive testing by the Eurofins laboratory (an FDA-approved laboratory), and have beed dermatologist certified as completely safe and hypoallergenic.

We are currently in the process of getting certified by ECOCERT, with their international COSMOS certification, and with their NOPI certification for the United States market.

However, the greatest proof that our products are highly efficacious is in the testimonials below.

Testimonial Jacki“ViLAU saved my fingers!  My fingers used to be cracked with cuts and really rough. But after only a few days of using ViLAU the cuts were completely healed and smooth.  I struggled with Doctor prescribed lotions that would instantly burn when I applied it and were so oily it took forever to dry, whereas with ViLAU I could apply it directly without the burning feeling and left my hands feeling smooth and dry.  The lavender scent is an absolute bonus!  I’m very thankful to have used ViLAU because it saved my fingers and I would highly recommend it.”

~Jaky (Richmond, TX)


I am so thankful for ViLAU, after many dermatologist visits and prescribed medication we finally found something that worked for my daughter’s problem. She has been struggling with dry fingers for at least five years and nothing would completely fix her problems until she used ViLAU. We saw results within five days. When I told her to use the lotion she stated ” No I don’t want to use it, it won’t work like every other prescribed medication from the doctors” but after I convinced her to just try it for a little while, she was instantly shocked to see results so quickly. She then was satisfied with the results and was so happy to not have to visit doctors anymore.

~Denise, Jaky’s mom (Richmond TX)



Testimonial Dunia“Before using ViLAU my face was dry and withered and with pimples; I started using the ViLAU moisturizers and serums and my complexion has improved. The spots and the pimples are disappearing and my skin even looks healthier.”

~Dunia (Houston, TX)

Silk Glove

Testimonial Mildred“In recent times I had noticed that my hair had slowed down growing.  Since using ViLAU, I have noticed a significant hair growth. I also notice less breakage throughout.”

~Mildred (SugarLand,TX)

Testimonial Diana“When I apply ViLAU, my face becomes smoother and the mistreatment of rosacea diminishes, the skin scars appear less obvious and the skin tone lightens a bit.”

~Diana (Palmira, Colombia)

Testimonial Berry“My scars are healing after 3 months of using ViLAU!” ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

~Berry (Conroe, Texas)