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Morning Dew Lifting Waterless Day Serum


Lifting Waterless Day Serum

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    Highly concentrated, the lifting waterless day serum is light and fluid on the skin. Just like morning dew, it penetrates deeply, replenishing your skin from the inside out. The hyaluronic acid traps all the key molecules under the surface of your skin and insure optimal epidermal rehabilitation. Furthermore, it acts as a face lift, tightening mature skin. However, on young skin the effect is cooling and acne soothing. All of this, while leaving a subtle fresh basil and rose scent. 

    This product comes with a FREE spatula.

    The Morning Dew lifting waterless day serum is also part of the Serum Kit


    • Aloe Vera Gel
    • Calendula Oil
    • Coconut Mid Distillate Fractionated Oil
    • Argan Oil
    • Grape Seed Oil
    • Natural Preservative
    • Hyaluronic Acid
    • Rosa Damascena Oil
    • Basil Oil (read more about it here)



    Shake well before each use!

    Firstly, in preparation for a skincare routine, you have to cleanse your skin using your favorite cleanser. The lifting waterless day serum is applied after your eye serum in your morning routine. Put a small amount of facial day serum on your finger tips and massage gently your face. You may let this fluid completely absorb into your skin before proceeding to the next step – your day facial moisturizer. Furthermore, enjoy the invigorating fresh scent of basil and Bulgarian roses to start your day!


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