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Mirage Waterless Brightening and Tightening Eye Serum


Waterless Eye Serum

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    Uniquely formulated, this waterless brightening and skin tightening eye serum products has a very fluid and light texture, that helps the concentrated ingredients penetrate the epidermis and quickly act to deeply hydrate and tighten the skin. This rejuvenating sensation is a great confidence booster, as well as an incredible booster shot for the skin. We consider this serum to be better than botox, since it acts like it, however it does it without any toxins, 

    This product comes with a FREE spatula.

    The Mirage waterless brightening and lightening eye serum is also part of the Serum Kit





    Shake well before each use!

    Firstly, in preparation for a skincare routine, you have to cleanse your skin using your usual cleanser. The waterless tightening eye serum is the very first step in our both morning and evening routine, and it is always applied on freshly cleaned skin. Put a small amount of eye serum on your ring fingers and dab lightly your under eye area in a motion going from your nose outwards. You may let this fluid completely absorb into your skin before proceeding to the next step, your day or night facial serum. If you are feeling especially puffy-eyed, you can reapply the serum before your facial day or night serum.


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