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Healthy Roots Leave-in Hair Revitalizing Lotion WATERLESS


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Leave-in hair growth stimulating lotion

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    Healthy Roots is an ultra light, highly concentrated, and non greasy solution. When applied to the scalp, the leave-in hair revitalizing lotion stimulates hair growth. When applied to the lengths of your hair, it repairs damaged and broken hair, protects and nourishes it at the same time. The lavender is not in this lotion only for its recently popularized hair growth properties, but also for its sweet aroma. Every time the wind sways your hair, you are transported to Province. 





    This leave-in hair revitalizing lotion can be applied on clean, wet hair, after your shower, in replacement of, or after, your regular hair conditioner. Squeeze 1 – 2 pumps of lotion on your hands and spread it on your hands, then rub your scalp gently with your fingertips. Then you can run your hands through the lengths of your hair. You can also spread the lotion on your hands, then just run your hands through the lengths of your hair. Now that your hair is protected, style your hair as usual. 

    2 reviews for Healthy Roots Leave-in Hair Revitalizing Lotion WATERLESS

    1. Rachel T.

      I wanted to share That i have been using Healthy Roots for a few months now and I absolutely love it! I stopped dyeing my hair two years ago in an eFfort to make it healthier. Not dyeing it definitely helped, but it needed more. I wanted a product that would make my hair softer and not weigh it it down. Sometimes gray hair can be wiry. While using Healthy Roots, I’ve noticed that it has helped calm those annoying wiry hairs! I use about 2-3 pumps on my towel dried hair. I work it through With my fingers and then style as usual. I also love the smell. Thanks so much Vilau Naturetech.
      – R.T.

    2. Doris

      This is one of my absolute favorite Vilau products. My son suffers from eczema and severe scalp dryness, Healthy roots is the only product that has worked on keeping his scalp healthy, gets rid of the itchiness and dryness and my absolute favorite part is that it is clean and safe enough to use on children so I don’t have to worry about him being allergic to it. i also use it on myself and it keeps my hair healthy, shiny and soft….and it smels divine!!

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